Environmental Data Platform


Monitor all of your Air, Water and Soil sensors in real time 

Capture & Process your Environmental Data Comprehensively

Sensible EDP integrates with nearly any air, water, and soil sensor, giving your organization the ability to monitor all of your  environmental data  within a single platform.

Sensible EDP Solution


Sensible EDP is a state-of-the-art real time Environmental Data Platform

Meet your organization's monitoring needs now and in the future.

Sensible EDP integrates data from all of your environmental sensors and displays it in real-time. Our technology is sensor and hardware agnostic, which future-proofs your investment.

The Command Center is where your environmental data is processed and monitored. It sends alerts via email, phone, text and API when issues are detected.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) and Alert Response are provided by Project Services.

The Proof is in the Platform

Sensible EDP offers your users a central monitoring point for all your environmental data on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile screens.

Our Platform

Our experienced team of environmental professionals provide end-to-end support, from project planning, platform configuration, and on-site installation to operations and maintenance (O&M).

On-Site Data Acquisition

Sensible EDP collects data from any number of sources in real time, including hardware from 3rd party manufacturers.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time monitoring dashboards, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and centralized 24/7 data storage.

Reports & Timely Alerts

Generate compliance reports and send timely alerts through email, phone, and text when issues are detected.

Measurement-Informed Methane Inventories in Today's Regulatory Environment

Join us on March 6th, 11 am EST for an engaging panel discussion with our methane subject matter experts. Discover insights into the development and utilization of measurement-informed emission inventories, informed by recent regulatory updates.

Discussion topics will include, but aren’t limited to, summaries of recently proposed or finalized methane rules, best field-practices and technologies for obtaining accurate emission measurements, compiling data obtained from various technologies in a single platform, and a legal perspective provided by Bracewell LLP.

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