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Fenceline Monitoring Services

Fugitive emissions can be a significant source of both air pollution and compliance issues. Our expertise in fenceline monitoring to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and other specific regulations and requirements means we will sample, analyze, and monitor for all regulated air pollutants to ensure your facility is compliant and successful.

Sensible EDP is a part of Montrose Environmental Group, a leading environmental services organization with deep expertise in ambient monitoring, environmental sampling, regulatory affairs, and air quality permitting. Sensible EDP is sensor and hardware agnostic, which allows our Project Services team to integrate the most innovative, emerging technologies in ambient air monitoring alongside more cost-effective sensors.

When it comes to real-time ambient monitoring, there are 3 Lines of Defense:

  1. 1. In-Facility Monitoring
  2. 2. Fenceline Monitoring
  3. 3. Community Monitoring


3 Lines of Defense - Ambient Monitoring


Why Choose Sensible EDP & Montrose Environmental for Your Fenceline Monitoring?

Facilities should know on a moment-to-moment basis if they are meeting their responsibilities around emissions that could potentially enter nearby communities. When implementing the proper fenceline monitoring technologies for your use case and adopting real-time monitoring practices, you can comply with fenceline regulations while catching acute issues before they become chronic.

  • Thanks to the flexibility built into the Sensible Environmental Data Platform, our Project Services team is always in position to help you find the the most current technologies to ensure you stay compliant with regulations while also remaining cost efficient. Our Project Services team will be there to support your organization throughout the entire project lifecycle including: Development of Monitoring Plans, Monitoring Design, Comprehensive, Operations and Maintenance, Data Acquisition and Management, Decommissioning and Removal.

Fenceline Measurements

  • Open-Path (UV-DOAS, OP-FTIR, OP-TDL/QCL Up to 1 kM Distances
  • Unbiased All Vendors Selections Solutions for Cost Effective and Capable Programs
  • Mobile Real-time PTR-TOF-MS Platforms for Ultra-low Detection
  • EPA M325B Passive tubes
  • Gas Chromatography FID, PID, TCD, TDT-PID
  • Extractive Point Source Monitors and FEM Equipment
  • Drone and Satellite Solutions
  • Flux Measurements Using Approved EPA Methodology
  • Leak Detection Stand-off Proprietary Softwares and Triangulation
  • Low-Cost Sensors Offer Near Real-time Readings
    • LOD Needs Met
    • Bias Correction
    • Interference Software Solutions
    • Drift Correction and Compensation
    • Cost Effective Fully Integrated Network Solutions

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