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Real-Time Air Monitoring for Communities

The Sensible Environmental Data platform is built to empower communities in their quest for cleaner, healthier environments. With Sensible EDP, communities can effectively monitor their air, water, and soil quality, raising awareness and driving action towards a sustainable future. Through intuitive data visualization, calibration, and interaction, Sensible EDP provides communities with precise, accurate, and reliable environmental information, tailored to their specific needs and context.

Sensible EDP brings all your environmental data together in one place. It is sensor and hardware agnostic, capturing air, water, and soil quality data from a wide range of sources. The platform provides real-time monitoring, complete with custom alerts, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and reporting, so you stay informed and prepared. Moreover, our dedicated Project Services team supports you through every step - installation, operation, and maintenance, ensuring your environmental monitoring is accurate, efficient, and effective.

The Sensible Solution

  • Ensure Compliance: Respond effectively to environmental guidelines and community health standards.
  • Be Proactive: Access real-time data from diverse sources and receive notifications that enable you to stay informed about your environment.
  • Enable Access: Consolidate offline and online data for easy access, analysis and communication within your community.

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Case Study

Love My Air Program - City of Denver


The Love My Air initiative is a program aimed at reducing air pollution and limiting exposure to poor air quality in Denver.

The Problem
  • Persistent poor air quality and public health concerns.
  • Low public awareness.
  • Lack of air pollution monitoring technology and systems.
The Sensible Solution
  • Multiple locations monitored in real time.
  • Sensor technology deployed based on community needs.
  • Community stakeholders were engaged in program creation.
  • Regulator and local government joint meetings.
  • Pollutants and locations agreed upon.
  • Bi-Lingual Community meetings were held for agreement.
  • Objectives were communicated to entire community.
  • Program promoted on social media, traditional media, tours, and videos.
Denver Love My Air Program

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