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Mobile Laboratory Services

Empower your environmental management where it's needed with Sensible EDP's Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS) Mobile Laboratory.

This advanced, on-the-go solution revolutionizes real-time detection of organic and inorganic compounds at ultra-low levels, providing precise insights on-site. Your organization will benefit from data-driven decision-making, enhanced compliance, and the flexibility to monitor in multiple locations, optimizing processes, improving safety, and strengthening community relations.

Leading the Way with the Latest Technology

Montrose uses the most advanced and updated PTR instrument sold around the world. Plus, we've optimized the instrument's use to produce an EPA-approved Other Test Method (OTM) to allow the use of PTR in compliance testing by direct measurement or Gas Chromatograph (GC) integration. Pioneering in our approach, Montrose has integrated a GC into the system to allow for isomer speciation and meet EPA Reference Method 18 QA/QC requirements while allowing GC column changes as necessary to address specific classes of organic and inorganic target compounds - an innovation unmatched in the industry.

Mobile Compound Monitoring

How it Works

  1. 1. We collect an air sample outside the van.

    2. We mix it with a reagent gas selected for reactivity to a given compound.

    3. Molecules are separated by mass and quantity in an ionization chamber, enabling us to quantitate how many are in the sample.

    4. Leveraging GPS and MET data, we map out compound concentrations to pinpoint the source.

    5. For odor allocation, we use multivariate analysis (MVA) to identify causations and correlations.

    System and Equipment

    • Environics Model 4000 Gas Mixing System Milennium Instruments Heated Dilution System.
    • SRI Model 8610C Gas Chromatograph.
    • MKS Instruments Model 2030 G MultiGas™ Analyzer.
    • Millennium Instruments Sampling System.
    • Columbia Weather Systems Magellan MX 500 Weather Station.
    • Teledyne Model T701H High Performance Zero Air Generator.

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