Montrose Environmental Group adds Kuva Systems to the Sensible EDP Platform for Methane Monitoring

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. / LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – October 4, 2023 –

We are pleased to announce that Kuva Systems, a leading solution provider for image-based continuous monitoring of methane and VOC emissions, and Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.’s (“Montrose”) (NYSE: MEG) Sensible Environmental Data Platform (Sensible EDP™), a leader in revolutionizing the way environmental data is managed and monitored, have collaborated to provide a comprehensive suite of environmental data technology to detect, locate and address methane and VOC emissions. Montrose has added Kuva’s low-cost IR camera and no-false-positive alert solution to their Sensible EDP™ cloud solution, enabling customers to conduct image-based root cause analysis of emissions with real-time insights.

Kuva's camera-based solution is currently being used by oil and gas operators across the United States and Canada. The Kuva solution provides operators at complex upstream and midstream oil and gas sites with the ability to identify intermittent large emission events, “super emitters,” and analyze their root causes for emissions reduction. By leveraging Kuva’s technology, operators are able to monitor data associated with environmental regulation compliance, minimize the risk of incurring methane emission fees and monitor methane intensity in connection with ESG -commitments.

Montrose Environmental’s Sensible EDP™ is dedicated to revolutionizing the way environmental data is created, managed and monitored. With its cutting-edge solution, Sensible EDP™ seamlessly integrates data from a user’s entire ecosystem of environmental sensors, providing real-time insights that empower informed decision making.

Steve Davis, Senior Vice President of Environmental Data Solutions at Montrose, commented:

“According to the EPA, Methane accounts for about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A cutting-edge methane monitoring program is crucial for real-time leak detection and mitigation. Our collaboration with Kuva enables companies to comply with upcoming methane regulations and reduce methane emissions.”

Robert Ward, Vice President of Business Development at Kuva added:

“Field operations and environmental teams at upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities are facing increasing pressure to identify and fix the root cause of super emitter events. Field operations are already stretched with day-to-day tasks, and non-visual sensors can cause a flood of non-actionable alarms without actionable insights - especially because most super emitters are intermittent. Kuva’s image-based solution is a cost-effective way for operators to react to the new pressures as a result of methane fees and the upcoming super emitter response program.”

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About Kuva Systems

Kuva Systems' industrial IoT platform provides an image-based, continuous methane monitoring and quantification solution. It enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to improve their operations and meet ESG and methane intensity goals. The Kuva platform is based on the most cost-effective IR gas camera in the industry, and it pinpoints emission locations and quantifies flow rates based on minute-by-minute measurements. Leak analytics can be used to prioritize operational responses, quantify ongoing conditions, and confirm nominal performance. For more information please visit

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