Montrose Provides Real-Time Ambient Air Monitoring for Commerce City and North Denver, Colorado

DENVER, CO., May 17, 2021 -

Montrose Environmental was hired by Suncor Energy, a petroleum company with a refinery located in Commerce City, Colorado to provide air monitoring services for developing and maintaining the new Commerce City North Denver (CCND) air monitoring network.

After updating the public with the specifics of the newly-created community program and soliciting feedback from two community meetings, Montrose created the CCND program to provide the community with accessible real-time air monitoring data – backed up by lab analysis and the added capabilities of the Montrose mobile monitoring van. All collected data and analysis is being made publicly available at the program website and a smartphone app.

The Challenge:

Montrose was tasked with monitoring air quality for a variety of compounds including: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and total volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

To provide the most accurate air quality data across the local area, air testing is being done at 8 sites (soon to be 10 sites in total). Each site was selected based on historical wind data and proximity to the refinery and other industrial sources, plus public feedback and suggestions from local school districts and community centers to provide secure and effective testing locations. Each of the monitoring sites is equipped with sensors to measure for the specific compounds and meteorological data such as wind direction and speed.

In addition to the static monitoring sites, Montrose will also be conducting testing and monitoring from its Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTF-TOF-MS) mobile lab van. With its sophisticated technology and sensors, the mobile lab can provide real-time continuous air monitoring and measurement for hundreds of organic and inorganic compounds.

The Solution:Air monitoring was started on schedule at the 8 monitoring locations, providing invaluable air quality data that was immediately made available via the CCND program website. The mobile lab van has also been deployed to monitor for VOC compounds such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen cyanide. Mobile van reports will be available online at the CCND site as well.

Public interest in the CCND project has been high, and the mission and methodology of the project has been featured in local news broadcasts and periodicals.

Montrose continues to actively engage with Suncor and the local community to obtain program input, and air monitoring locations and technology may be adjusted over time to enable collection of the best quality data to meet community needs. Once the initial evaluation phase is complete, Montrose will continue to support long-term community air monitoring solutions as they relate to the project.

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