Subpart W Updates: What You Need to Know Now

May 14, 2024—The eagerly awaited updates to Subpart W of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program have been released. The EPA has incorporated new facility components, prioritizing empirical data over estimated emission factor calculations, to enhance the precision, transparency, and lucidity of reporting total GHG emissions from facilities subject to Subpart W. These revisions also underscore a more accurate and verifiable method, incentivizing operators with financial rewards for adherence to the new stipulations.

A list of Subpart W Changes and their impacts by Source Type can be found HERE.

Montrose and Sensible EDP (a Montrose Environmental company) provide customers with an integrated solution of technology and services. This includes the development and maintenance of continuous methane monitoring systems, leak detection and repair (LDAR), Stack Testing, as well as setup and support of reporting and disclosures through an enterprise data management system. [Read the full blog] 

The benefits of an integrated environmental solution for managing Subpart W compliance changes are evident. We can help you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs and compliance objectives. A plan that ensures efficiency, safety, accountability, and centralized reporting—backed by expert knowledge and services.

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