Real Time Gas Emission Monitoring

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Cerex is a world-renowned multi-gas analysis design and manufacturing company. They provide off the shelf and customized gas analysis systems for industry, government and the community.

UV Sentry®

The Cerex UV SENTRY is a cost-effective, low maintenance open-path gas analyzer that specializes in sensitive detection of hazardous emissions, such as Benzene and Chlorine, over long distances of fence-line paths. It offers real-time data output, providing quick and accurate gas detection down to parts-per-trillion levels.

Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Monitoring

With over 1000+ meters of fence-line paths, UV SENTRY® sets the industry standard for sensitive, time-resolved, gap-less hazardous emissions and chemical emergency monitoring.

Known for its financial efficiency and ability to detect emissions at part-per-trillion levels, UV SENTRY® is widely utilized by major petrochemical companies, oil refineries, and government agencies globally.

The device features a built-in flow cell for simple calibration verification, and it automatically archives raw data in .csv format for easy analysis. It also offers remote control capabilities over networks or the internet, and it is cellular-ready for convenient operation.

Cerex Hound Series

The Hound series is effective for sensitive ambient point monitoring of gasses such as Benzene and Chlorine. With part-per-billion level detection limits, the Hound analyzers outperform electrochemical and PID technology while maintaining a low cost. Additionally, they provide hours of battery life, ensuring reliable operation in the field.

Accurate and Dependable

The Hound offers high precision for time-critical applications like industrial hygiene, leak detection, HAZMAT first response, and environmental remediation. These analyzers provide simultaneous multi-gas capability, long battery life, and superior performance at a low cost compared to electrochemical and PID technology.

The Cerex Hound analyzers are trusted and reliable solutions for immediate response applications.

These portable point UV-DOAS analyzers have been extensively used by emergency personnel, government agencies, and various industries for over a decade. These devices offer high accuracy and sensitivity in monitoring single gasses and gas mixtures.

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