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Measurement-Informed Methane Inventories in Today's Regulatory Environment

Join us on March 6th, 11 am EST for an engaging panel discussion with our methane subject matter experts. Discover insights into the development and utilization of measurement-informed emission inventories, informed by recent regulatory updates.

Discussion topics will include, but aren’t limited to, summaries of recently proposed or finalized methane rules, best field-practices and technologies for obtaining accurate emission measurements, compiling data obtained from various technologies in a single platform, and a legal perspective provided by Bracewell LLP.

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Previous Webinars

HON MACT Fenceline Monitoring: Requirements and Solutions

Subject matter experts discuss the U.S. EPA’s updated HON MACT rule and how Sensible EDP and Enthalpy Analytical can help facilities maintain compliance.

Demystifying Methane Emissions, Monitoring Regulations and EPA Compliance

Our panel of industry experts discuss methane emissions and the ins and outs of continuous monitoring, the latest updates on regulatory rulings, and how to meet EPA mandates.

The Present & Future of Real-Time Air Monitoring

Subject matter experts from the State of Colorado and PDC Energy discuss how to successfully navigate the regulatory landscape, the benefits and limitations of current monitoring technologies, and how to build an air monitoring program that keeps pace with the emerging regulations of today and tomorrow.

ESG, Sustainability and Climate Change

The VP of Montrose’s Sustainability Advisory, Jami Patrick, discusses Environmentally Sustainable Practices (ESP), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and where to start on the right path.

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