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Since 1984, Wanco has been designing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality and easy-to-use portable safety equipment and accessories for industries including traffic management, public safety and law enforcement, security and many others.

Wanco's WAQM

The Wanco® WAQM Portable Air Monitoring System provides high-precision FEM quality instrumentation on a robust mobile platform with built-in power. The AQSync Air Quality Monitoring Station by 2B Technologies offers an all-in-one solution to satisfy EPA and local regulatory requirements. The WAQM power system provides outstanding reliability and efficiency to ensure dependable and autonomous operation.

High Precision Monitoring without Infrastructure Investment

Today's focus on environmental concerns and public health requires a solution for reliable air quality monitoring. With the Wanco WAQM, the solution is at hand.

The portable WAQM allows air quality monitoring wherever and whenever it is needed. With no need for infrastructure to support it, the system is easy to transport and deploy, relocate and deploy again. Remote monitoring is built-in with data automatically uploaded from the AQSync to the cloud.

The AQSync provides simple operation with minimal maintenance needs. It includes a modular design for adding and removing components to measure:

  • Ozone (EPA FEM designation EQOA-0914-218)
  • NO and NO2 (EPA FEM designation EQNA-0217-243)
  • Particulates (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Total VOCs
  • Meteorology (wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, relative humidity)

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