What is Sensible EDP?

What is Sensible EDP?

Sensible EDP is an Environmental Data Platform.

Sensible EDP integrates with nearly any air, water, and soil sensor, giving your organization the ability to monitor all of your environmental data in real time and within a single platform. The flexibility built into Sensible EDP allows us to create a monitoring program that matches your organization's needs now and into the future. 


3 Components of Sensible EDP

  2. 1. Data Acquisition - Sensible EDP can collect data from any number of sources in real time, including hardware from 3rd party manufacturers. The platform is sensor and hardware agnostic and offers automated data ingest for analysis and real time monitoring of all of your organization's air, water and soil sensors.

2. Command Center - The Command Center is the software component of Sensible EDP. Your organization's Command Center will be customized to your specs and will offer your users a central monitoring point for all of your environmental data. Real time monitoring dashboards, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, 24/7 backup and redundancy, and centralized data storage all come standard. Your Command Center will also generate compliance reports and send custom alerts via email, phone, and text when issues are detected.

3. Project Services - Project Services is the team that supports your program throughout its lifecycle. We create a Project Services team for your project based on project and staffing requirements. Hardware & Sensor Implementation, Operations & Maintenance, Calibration, Reporting, Audits, and Quality Assurance are all offered as components within our Project Services package.




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